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Below you'll find interviews we've done with local experts about how Ottawa county is handling the current situation, as well as what you can do to keep yourself, your family and your community safe. Keep listening to WGHN-FM 92.1 for continuous updates on how COVID-19 is affecting our community. Now is the time to listen to local radio more than ever.

As of 07/13/2020 masks are once again required at indoor public spaces, and crowded outdoor public spaces.

Update 20

"A Really Serious Problem" with Jen VanSkiver from NOCHS

Update 19

"Coast Guard Festival" with Commander MJ Smith

Update 18

"Honor System" Kristina Weighmink spokesperson for Ottawa County Department Of Public Health

Update 17

Sunday Morning Forum - "Voting in a Pandemic" with Justin Roebuck

Update 16

"A Viable Option" Jen VanSkiver of NOCHS

Update 15

"Haunting" Josh Bytwerk from Love In Action

Update 14

"Turning Point" Jen VanSkiver from NOCHS

Update 13

"Outdoors" Ron Olson Chief of Parks and Rec

Update 12

"The Surge" Jen VanSkiver of North Ottawa Community Health System

Update 11

"What to Expect" Jeremy Swiftney Executive Director at Grand Haven Main Street DDA

Update 10

"How Small Businesses Endure" Joy Gaasch of the Grand Haven Chamber of Commerce

Update 9

Grand Haven Mayor Bob Monetza 2

Update 8

Grand Haven city manager Pat McGinnis

Update 7

Andy Ingall of GHAPS

Update 6

Tod Coleman from the American Red Cross

Update 5

Grand Haven mayor Bob Monetza

Update 4

Josh Bytwerk from Love in Action

Update 3

Roger Morgenstern from Consumer's Energy

Update 2

Kristina Weighmink from the Ottawa County Health Department

Update 1

Representative Bill Huizenga