WGHN Digital Advertising

What Do We Offer?
WGHN now offers a fully customizable digital advertising plan! This is not just Facebook advertising, your ads will be displayed on thousands of different websites on computers, phones and tablets! We will use specialized tactics, picked by you, to help ensure that your ads are reaching the “right” people. We will then monitor your campaign, from start to finish, and make optimizations as needed to ensure it’s success. Full reporting will be provided to you throughout the campaign, letting you know exactly how many people your ads have reached and if your goals were met.

What Makes Us Different?
We target PEOPLE, not websites. Paying to have your ads appear on a single website greatly limits your ability to reach your preferred consumer. Our campaigns run on thousands of websites at a time, but not just any websites! Through the use of our targeting tactics, we will make sure that your ads are running on the websites that your potential customers are visiting. This will help you to reach a vast pool of consumers that are just waiting to be turned into customers!

Furthermore, our campaigns are based on performance. We will monitor your campaigns daily and make optimizations to ensure that we are making the best use of your budget. After a baseline of results has been set, we will begin to push the budget towards the tactics and websites that are performing the best, therefore guaranteeing that you are only paying for what works!

Want to Learn More?
Great! Call our station at (616) 842-8110 or fill out the below "Advertise With Us" form and let us show you how we can meet all of your specific needs!