In Partnership with the Loutit District Library and their presentation of "The Early Days of Radio in Michigan" on May 4th - Listen each Morning and Afternoon and play along!

Gather as many correct answers as you can to the "History of Radio Quiz"! John Roberts In The Morning and Jesse Bruce in the Afternoons will be Giving you the name of a Radio Program from days gone by - and they'll also be giving you the Answers!

You just have to listen and fill in your Own Quiz Sheet (which you can copy and paste from below), or stop by the LDL Circulation Desk to pick-up your own copy, or follow the link below and download your own copy from the Loutit District Library's web site!

Once you have all the Questions matched up with their Correct Answers- drop it off at the LDL for your chance to Win 4 Great Prizes that will be Announced on May 4th at "The Early Days of Radio in Michigan" program.

To learn more and to download your Radio Quiz Sheet just follow the link!

Then play along starting on Thursday April 6th! Good Luck!


The Romance of Helen Trent ( ) A Mortimer Snerd
Our Gal Sunday ( ) B Homer
Just Plain Bill ( ) C Navy aviator
Portia Faces Life ( ) D Town Hall Tonight
Amos & Andy ( ) E Lamont Cranston
Tom Mix's horse ( ) F Ralston
Little Orphan Annie Sponsor ( ) G A woman lawyer
Orphan Annie's Dog ( ) H Trigger
Tom Mix show sponsor ( ) I Dr. Watson
Baby Snooks real name ( ) J Digger O'Dell
Fred Allen's Show ( ) K Singing Cowboy
Don Winslow ( ) L Fannie Brice
Edgar Bergen's Wooden Buddy ( ) M Wore a yellow coat
Henry Aldrich's boyfriend ( ) N Britt Reid
The Shadow ( ) O Tonto
The Shadow's girlfriend ( ) P A woman over 35
Fibber McGee & Molly's friend ( ) Q Dan Reid
Inner Sanctum ( ) R The All American Boy
Dick Tracy ( ) S The squeaking door
Roy Roger's horse ( ) T Margo Lane
Gene Autry ( ) U Sandy
Sherlock Holmes partner ( ) V Ovaltine
Jack Armstrong ( ) W Tony
The Green Hornet ( ) X Originally, "Sam & Henry"
The Lone Ranger's nephew ( ) Y A barber in Hartville
The Lone Ranger's friend ( ) Z A girl from a Mining town
The Lone Ranger's horse ( ) AA Rochester
A popular radio news man ( ) BB Junior
Roy Rogers girlfriend ( ) CC The Vagabond Lover
Sergeant Preston's dog ( ) DD a San Francisco Family
Big Sister ( ) EE Throckmorton
Ma Perkins ( ) FF an impractical mechanic
Back Stage Wife ( ) GG Managed a lumber yard
Lorenzo Jones ( ) HH an Orphan girl from a mining town
Great Gildersleeve's first name ( ) I I Lowell Thomas
Stella Dallas ( ) J J Kathleen
One Man's Family ( ) KK also know as Elsie Beebe
Our Gal Sunday ( ) LL sacrifices until daughter marries rich man
Life can be beautiful ( ) MM poor girl marries Broadway star
Young Widder Brown ( ) NN young girl helps older people
Jack Benny ( ) OO opens a tearoom in Simpsonville
Gene Autry's home ( ) PP Killer Kane
Mr. Keen ( ) QQ Gabby Hayes
The Hermits Cave ( ) RR Yukon King
Buck Roger's enemy ( ) SS Supernatural horror stories
Dick Tracy's adopted son ( ) TT looked for missing persons
Roy Roger's old pal ( ) UU Melody Ranch
Rudy Vallee ( ) VV a stingy man
Henry Aldrich's girl friend ( ) WW Dale Evans
Jack Benny's driver ( ) XX Silver